Parent Leader Spotlight: Idalia Rios

The Parent Leader Network (PLN) provides a space for parents in EC-LINC communities to collaborate with and support each other, represent the parent perspective, and advocate for parent voice and leadership in early childhood systems.  Idalia Rios, a PLN Steering Committee member, is a community organizer in Santa Ana, California, and has been fighting alongside

Community Resilience is Foundational for Early Relational Health

Our growing understanding of the factors that ensure the heathy development of young children within strong families focuses both on the foundational relationships of Early Relational Health (ERH) and on the contexts and resources of families within the communities as articulated within the Community Resilience Public Health Model 3.0. These synergistic frameworks come together with

Caring in the New Year: Renewing a Community Wide Focus on Young Children and Families

Over the holidays, I heard the term metaverse across multiple media platforms. From TV talk shows and the news to newspaper articles, the concept was everywhere, and I wanted to understand what it means. Meta seems to have several meanings depending on how it is used – as a prefix it sometimes means transformation or transcending.  In the “tech world”

Transformation Happens in Community

It was a rainy Saturday along the Monterey Peninsula in October 2012, yet a line of adults, young people and small children snaked around the building and out to the parking lot. It was the Grand Opening of the Cesar Chavez Library, a $3.0-million project that renovated the existing library and expanded it with approximately

Loretta Young: Manchin shouldn’t buy ‘work requirements’ talk (Opinion)

I appreciate Sen. Joe Manchin’s leadership in sponsoring the Freedom to Vote Act. That proposed legislation, if enacted, would address the very serious concerns Black Americans and others share in West Virginia and across the nation regarding election integrity and voting rights. We also need the help of Manchin, D-W.Va., in regard to another issue

New Evidence of DULCE’s Family-Centered Impact

Peer-reviewed journal articles can provide clear evidence of the effectiveness of new approaches to caring for children and families. This week, the DULCE team published an article in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This article–the first of several in the pipeline–presents CSSP’s evidence of the effectiveness of the DULCE cross-sector

CSSP Joins in Celebration of International Pronoun Day

International Pronouns Day is celebrated on the third Wednesday of every October. On this day, October 20, 2021, we mark the importance of acknowledging and honoring each person’s individuality and identity. It is one small step we can all take towards creating an equitable society in which all are welcome, respected, and accepted. Pronouns are

Ensuring Families Receive the Child Tax Credit (Webinar)

By July 15th, nearly 39 million families, covering 88% of children, will have automatically received their first month’s Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments, helping them with the cost of raising children. However, for the CTC to fulfill its potential to cut child poverty nearly in half, it must reach the nearly nine million children whose

Forging Ahead: AAP calls for Pediatricians to Partner with Families and Communities to Promote Relational Health

This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a strong and unequivocal statement entitled Preventing Childhood Toxic Stress: Partnering  with Families and Communities to Promote Relational Health, that urges the field of pediatrics to commit to early relational health.[i] The National Early Relational Health (ERH) Coordinating Hub at the Center for the Study of