Jang Lee

Jang Lee 1 2Program and Research Assistant

Jang Lee is a Program and Research Assistant and member of the Center for the Study of Social Policy’s (CSSP) Young Children and Families team. Jang supports DULCE’s community-based approach to preventing and mitigating toxic stress. He also works to strengthen DULCE’s commitment to health equity and its alignment with CSSP’s anti-racist values.

Prior to coming to CSSP, Jang conducted toxic stress research at the Boston Children’s Hospital, directed an after-school program for immigrant and refugee Vietnamese youth, and completed an internship at the Center on the Developing Child. These experiences helped him understand the multiple, interdependent systems that create health inequities and sparked his passion in advocating for anti-racist systems that support the health of immigrant and Asian American children. Jang is particularly interested in public health interventions that integrate critical race theory to advance racial equity and the role pediatric practice can play in addressing the disproportionate impacts of toxic stress. Jang received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Harvard University.