Ensuring that youth and families have access to high-quality, affordable housing in safe communities

What We Work For

We believe that, for children and families to thrive, they need a stable home in a safe community as well as access to resources like grocery stores, public transportation, and safe places to play.

How We Do It

Housing instability and homelessness are a continuous and growing problem in the United States. There is a lack of affordable housing for low-income families in communities that have the resources necessary to optimize health and well-being. The lack of housing low-income families can afford means too many families are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

We combat housing insecurity and homelessness by developing strategies to promote housing stability for youth who are or have been in foster care and families who are involved in the child welfare system. We advocate for innovative approaches to community-building and service provision.

We work to identify and share best practices and effective policies for addressing homelessness and pursue opportunities to advocate for better housing and supports for families involved in child welfare systems.


We work to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in stable, high-quality, affordable housing in safe and healthy communities.

In this way:

Young people will have stable housing in communities when they age-out—or leave—foster care, with access to public transportation, grocery stores, and more.

No child will be removed from their parents solely because of housing instability. All families will have safe and stable housing that allows them to remain together.

Public and subsidized housing units will be located in places with resources families need to optimize health and success, including grocery stores, public transportation, and access to work and school.