Housing & Community Development

When place is strong, people can thrive

What We Work For

We believe the conditions of place are inextricably connected to the outcomes of people.

Unfortunately, in many communities, high poverty and unemployment rates, failing schools, and inadequate housing threaten the stability of families.

That’s why we work for equitable, inclusive, mixed-income communities that promote opportunities for all and foster the healthy development of children and families.

How We Do It

We incubate innovative approaches to solving the challenges of place, with a focus on racial equity. We leverage the expertise of nationally-recognized partners through our Mixed-Income Strategic Alliance and its Innovation and Action Network.

Working together, we spread the word to influence policies that improve the well-being of families and pilot and demonstrate new approaches to creating more equitable, inclusive communities.

In this way, we are beginning our efforts to help communities improve infrastructure and services, so families and children can thrive.

Place-based development is a cross-sector approach to creating the conditions for change.

Our work varies—from revitalizing a neighborhood, replacing obsolete housing with mixed-income communities, turning around failing schools, preventing crime, or improving transportation. Whatever our goal, we work with our partners to ensure community members are at the table and their voices are heard. Most importantly, we work for equity.

We bring together communities of practice, learning networks of cross-sector practitioners, and policymakers focused on shared results.

We provide strategic advising, leadership development, and consultation which helps build the technical and adaptive capacities of change agents and organizations.

We conduct research and work to develop and share tools to help the field advance its mission of equitable, inclusive, place-based development.

We facilitate and develop strategies that reflect the insights of the community and help build their capacity and resources that create the conditions for child and family well-being.

We are learning together with the communities in our networks and collectively sharing information and tools about what can make a difference.

While our work in this area has just begun, we are committed to creating equitable, inclusive, mixed-income communities, so that everyone lives in a place where they can prosper.