Advancing Early Relational Health–PAGE UPDATE

What We Work For

In partnership with many stakeholders and leaders in child health, public health, and communities we are working to further galvanize interest in an early relational health frame, believing that there is an urgent need and an immediate opportunity. 

Early relational health (ERH) is an emergent term that has galvanized the interest of many leaders in the child and public health sectors and simply means that healthy and positive child development emerges best in the context of nurturing, warm, and responsive early parent/caregiver child relationships, when children are surrounded by safe communities with strong trust and social connectedness.

How We Do It

By engaging with child health systems, thought partners, early childhood system builders, policy and network leaders, parent voices, and practitioners in co-creating, innovating, testing, and disseminating strategic activities, we are advancing an early relational health frame.

In addition:

  1. We maintain the National Coordinating Hub on Early Relational Health that builds key trainings, materials, and resources to improve practices and systems.
  2. We staff the National Early Relational Health Advisory Panel that advises the Coordinating Hub and helps advance a national consensus on foundational relationships
  3. We partner with strategic networks to test, disseminate, and measure the impact of ERH resources to advance foundational relations. Such networks include Reach Out and Read and EC-LINC.
  4. We work to expand next-generation leadership that will advance early relational health at CSSP and beyond.