Ensuring Families Receive the Child Tax Credit (Webinar)

By July 15th, nearly 39 million families, covering 88% of children, will have automatically received their first month’s Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments, helping them with the cost of raising children. However, for the CTC to fulfill its potential to cut child poverty nearly in half, it must reach the nearly nine million children whose families will not receive the payments automatically. Community based organizations across the country are working with families to conduct outreach and remove barriers to ensure that families get signed up and receive the monthly payments. The IRS has also developed a Non-Filer Sign Up tool that will help.

Watch the Automatic Benefit for Children (ABC) Coalition to learn from state and local community-based organizations who serve families about innovative outreach strategies to raise awareness about the transformational credit and get families signed up. You will also see a walk-through training for how to assist families using the Non-Filer Sign Up tool.


  • Courtney O’Reilly, Navigator Program Manager, Code for America
  • Darla Bardine, Executive Director, National Network for Youth
  • Kat Lilley-Blair, Chief Executive Officer, Family Promise of Colorado Springs
  • Pablo Blank, Director of ImmigrantIntegration, CASA