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New data from the US Census Bureau offers striking evidence that policy—particularly the providing cash to families to combat poverty and economic insecurity—can effectively reduce poverty and address racial inequities, even in the context of the most devastating health and economic crisis of our lifetimes. 

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New Event

Join us for the fourth installment in the Willis & Friends series to unpack the autonomic emotional connection and its importance during infancy and early childhood.

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New Report

This report examines the racist roots of PRWORA’s anti-immigrant exclusions and highlights the law’s role in institutionalizing and legitimizing anti-immigrant exclusion in a range of public benefits and tax credits.

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Passing the Baton

In honor of the memory of our co-founder Harold Richman, CSSP is proud to present a series of essays proposing actionable new insights and ideas about how to dramatically improve the well-being of children, families, and communities, with racial justice as a “North Star” goal.

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Who We Are

The Center for the Study of Social Policy works to achieve a racially, economically, and socially just society in which all children, youth, and families thrive. We translate ideas into action, promote public policies grounded in equity, and support strong and inclusive communities. We advocate with and for all children, youth, and families marginalized by public policies and institutional practices.

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Our Approach

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Systems Reform

We draw on the latest research and work to make systems more responsive, accountable, and rooted in policies that ensure equity and inclusion for all children, youth, families, and communities.

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Community Outreach

We believe in the power of communities to shape their futures. We work with communities across the country and with local systems to impact policy and systems change.

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We work to influence public policy to create opportunity, advance equity, achieve impact, and scale results. We fight against inequitable policy proposals and promote policies that ensure equity and inclusion.