COVID-19 Clearinghouse

During this public health emergency, we must be diligent in protecting ALL people. Access all of our resources related to the COVID-19 crisis here.

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Paid Leave

The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing into sharp relief the need for paid sick days and paid leave for ALL people.

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New Report

This report traces the roots of policies that take away basic assistance from families for not meeting work requirements.

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Now Available

This report explores how decision-makers in public sector human services consider and use evidence.

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Who We Are

The Center for the Study of Social Policy works to achieve a racially, economically, and socially just society in which all children, youth, and families thrive. We translate ideas into action, promote public policies grounded in equity, and support strong and inclusive communities. We advocate with and for all children, youth, and families marginalized by public policies and institutional practices.

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Our Approach

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Systems Reform

We draw on the latest research and work to make systems more responsive, accountable, and rooted in policies that ensure equity and inclusion for all children, youth, families, and communities.

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Community Outreach

We believe in the power of communities to shape their futures. We work with communities across the country and with local systems to impact policy and systems change.

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We work to influence public policy to create opportunity, advance equity, achieve impact, and scale results. We fight against inequitable policy proposals and promote policies that ensure equity and inclusion.