Esther Hernández 23

Esther Hernández

Program Analyst

She, Her, Hers/ They, Them, Theirs


I engage communities’ leaders and parent consultants to promote stronger early learning and development outcomes for young children and their families. On Early Learning Nation, I work in collaboration with other CSSP projects, partner organizations, and a variety of communities.

I do this work because

I am passionate about combining education and community engagement to advocate for healthy, nurturing communities, and social justice reform.

I am most proud of

Professionally, I am most proud of my experiences as a preschool and early childhood educator, during which I co-created rich learning communities informed by critical pedagogy, equity and justice, and intersectional frameworks.

Work History

  • Northeast Engagement Associate, Center for Science in the Public Interest (non-profit)
  • Early Childhood Educator and Consultant, DC-Maryland Communities (independent)
  • Program and Research Associate, Black Studies Program at Denison University (private)

Education and Awards

  • B.A. in Educational Studies, Denison University
  • B.A. in Psychology, Denison University
    • Senior Research: The Pedagogical and Developmental Power of Storytelling

When the day is done

I like spending time outdoors with friends, kayaking, plant-keeping, and looking for new vegan places to try with my partner.