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Almost Like Family: Family Child Care


This report shares results of a study used to inform the development of a self-assessment tool appropriate for use by home-based providers as well as an extensive review of the literature on home-based programs.

(72 pp)


Early Relational Health and Protective Factors

June 2020

This webinar offered an opportunity to reflect on the importance of foundational relationships and how this work can strengthen the protective factors framework and be integrated with your implementation of Strengthening Families.

Policy Paper

A Critical Resource at Risk: Supporting Kinship Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

May 2020

As the current pandemic upends daily lives, among the families suffering the most are kinship caregivers. This brief explores kinship care and how this critical resource is at risk now and in the future.

(10 pp)


Strengthening Families Webinar: During a Pandemic and Beyond

May 2020

Experts discussed how family support professionals and organizations have adapted to serve families during the COVID-19 outbreak, and what we are learning that we will carry forward from this time.

Find the resources shared by the panelists here.


Building Relationships Framing Early Relational Health

May 2020

This webinar presented key findings from the FrameWorks Institute's research and recommendations about communicating the importance of early relational health to non-experts along with commentary from national leaders about the importance of these perspectives.


Building Resilience in Troubled Times: A Guide for Parents

May 2020

Families are under a kind of stress most of us have never experienced before as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This brochure shares tips for parents to draw on their own strengths and build a network of support to better help their children to thrive.

This content is also available as a web page, here.

(3 pp)


Building Relationships: Framing Early Relational Health

May 2020

This strategic brief, produced in collaboration with the FrameWorks Institute, offers a comprehensive framing strategy to help shift public attention to and understanding about Early Relational Health (ERH).

(34 pp)


Strengths-Based Practice in Troubled Times

May 2020

Everyone who works with families is dealing with a set of extraordinary challenges. This tool describes strategies to keep our focus on family strengths even when families—and we ourselves—are stressed.

(2 pp)


Early Relational Health National Survey: What We’re Learning From the Field

May 2020

This report discusses the Early Relational Health (ERH) National Survey conducted across early childhood health communities to get a better sense of current ERH-related activities, practices, and policies and how we can find opportunities to advance an ERH agenda.

(31 pp)



Community Solutions to Supporting the Well-Being of Expectant Parents, Babies, and Toddlers: Reversing the Loss of Infant and Toddler Child Care Slots in Denver

March 2020

This brief explores a multi-strategy approach which Denver’s Early Childhood Council and its partners at the City of Denver took to address the significant and continuous loss of child care slots in their community. Strategies included piloting a contracted slot pilot, advocating for revised building codes to protect in-home child care providers, and creating navigation supports for those interested in becoming child care providers.