National Center for Parents, Family, and Community Engagement

Family engagement is everybody's business

What We Work For

We unite the early care and education field in a shared vision for building relationships with families and communities.

Family engagement is essential to high quality services for all children in early care and education. From the beginning of life, families nurture their children and the capacities they will need to be ready for school. At the National Center on Parents, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE), we inform policies and practices that promote collaborative relationships between parents and early childhood professionals. We work to achieve positive, enduring change for children, families, and communities.

How We Do It

CSSP—along with the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Child Trends, and Child Care Aware of America, Inc.—make up NCPFCE, a national consortium of partners committed to working collaboratively to improve family engagement across the early care and education field.

We develop, disseminate, and deliver resources, training, and technical assistance on parent, family, and community engagement for the early childhood development field. Our primary audiences include the Head Start, Early Head Start and child care communities; regional and state training and technical assistance networks; and child care administrators in states, territories, and tribes. We collaborate with other national centers in the Administration for Children and Families Early Childhood Training & Technical Assistance System to support family well-being and children’s early learning and healthy development.

Our mission is to build the capacity of the early childhood development field to strengthen relationships with families and community partners. Together, we work to  achieve outcomes that promote children’s school readiness and healthy development.

National Center on Parents, Family, and Community Engagement

Over our five-year grant period (2015-2020), NCPFCE seeks to promote exemplary practices for parent, family, and community engagement in the early care and education field. We work to build the capacity of the field and promote school readiness and healthy development, with special attention to the strengths and needs of diverse families who may be facing poverty or other adversities. We aim to maximize children’s school readiness and success, offering greater opportunities for parents to fully engage in their roles as their children’s most important caregivers, teachers, and advocates.

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of communities where families are facing and may be experiencing multiple adverse situations. For these families, strong parent and family engagement in high-quality early childhood development programs can open doors of opportunity for themselves and their children. Our approach reflects a strong commitment to equity, with respect to race, ethnicity, culture, language, and other dimensions, building on our team’s strong experience in helping communities address issues of equity as a whole. Finally, our approach reflects an understanding that, in order to achieve the goals sought for young children in early childhood settings, broader community resources (including organizations and institutions) must be partners in this effort, with strong and reliable linkages among them that allow universal and targeted resources to be available to families when these are needed.

NCPFCE Outcomes

Based on our objectives and implementation of our planned activities, NCPFCE seeks to achieve the following long-term intended outcomes and impact:

  • Outcome 1: Integrated, comprehensive, and effective training and technical assistance across systems.
  • Outcome 2: Families and community partners are engaged in support of children’s school readiness and healthy development.

Our Experts

Charlyn Harper Browne

Charlyn Harper Browne

Senior Associate
Anna Lovejoy

Anna Lovejoy

Senior Associate and Program Director