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Placing Equity Concerns at the Center of Knowledge Development

April 2019

In this report, we turn our attention to considering what it means to “place equity concerns at the center” of improving outcomes for those who are the most marginalized.

(21 pp)


Michelle H., et al. v. McMaster and Alford Progress Report (April 2018-September 2018)

May 2019

This is the fourth report on the progress of the South Carolina Department of Social Services in meeting the requirements of the Final Settlement Agreement.

(128 pp)


Strengthening Families through Child Welfare Practice


This webinar focused on how a protective factors approach can be applied in child welfare practice. 


Manifiesto Para Equidad Racial y Liderazgo de Padres

January 2019

Un grupo de 40 padres y personal de las nueve comunidades de EC-LINC, con el apoyo de CSSP y su personal y sus consultores, se juntaron para crear este Manifiesto .


Progress Towards Building an Affirming and Supportive Child Welfare System: getREAL in Allegheny County

April 2019

This report details an Institutional Analysis conducted by CSSP in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) and examines institutional changes that have occurred on the county's journey to better support LGBTQ+ children in care. The IA also captured some of the ...

Policy Paper

Responsibly Defining Candidacy within the Context of FFPSA: Five Principles to Consider

April 2019

This brief offers guiding principles for states to consider as they work to identify a definition of candidacy that fits within the context of their state policies and prevention service array.

(2 pp)


Better Outcomes for Older Youth of Color in Foster Care

March 2015

This article focuses on older youth of color in the child welfare system and examines examining what the data tell us as well as ways to shift the system narrative and structure interventions that can build protective factors in ...


Expanding the Evidence Universe: Doing Better By Knowing More

December 2011

This report provides recommendations related to expanding the knowledge base necessary to improve outcomes for children, families, and communities and was written for discussion at the Harold Richman Public Policy Symposium, the first in a series of forums honoring ...


Customer Satisfaction: Improving Quality and Access to Services and Supports In Vulnerable Neighborhoods—What the Research Tells Us

February 2007

This paper provides a brief synthesis of formative research on applying customer-driven quality improvement strategies to public services.

(42 pp)


Customer Satisfaction: Improving Quality and Access to Services and Supports In Vulnerable Neighborhoods

February 2007

This paper presents a framework or set of ideas for using customer satisfaction principles
and strategies to improve the quality, responsiveness, and accessibility of public sector
and privately provided services in vulnerable communities.

(38 pp)