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Building Protective Factors in a Family Resource Center Setting

July 2019

This webinar focused on supporting family-level protective factors in a family resource center setting. Dr. Malcolm Gaines from San Francisco's Safe & Sound shared strategies and ways they are innovating. 


How Can Medicaid and CHIP Support Children’s Emotional Health

June 2019

This webinar from Manatt Health and CSSP shared our recent publication, A Blueprint for Leveraging Medicaid and CHIP to Foster Children’s Healthy Emotional and Social Development and Transform Pediatric Primary ...


An Evidence Framework to Improve Results

November 2014

This report explores the question of how we use a framework of continuous learning to obtain and apply the kinds of evidence that will be most useful in achieving significantly greater outcomes.

(48 pp)


Eliminating Racial Disparities in Maternal and Infant Mortality

July 2019

Cristina Novoa, senior policy analyst at the Center for American Progress (CAP), outlined a comprehensive policy framework to eliminate racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality. Participants learned about opportunities for federal action as well as innovative local approaches. ...


Systems Change Strategies and Resident-led Advocacy

January 2019

This brief identifies six elements or strategies for systems change and names residents as critical partners to achieve and sustain such change.

(25 pp)


Protective Factors for Survivors of Domestic Violence

February 2019

This brief provides guidance for child welfare domestic violence programs that serve both survivors and offenders, courts, and other collaborative partners about building protective factors that studies show lessen the impact of domestic violence on both child and adult ...