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Expanding the Perspectives and Research Foundation for the Strengthening Families & Youth Thrive Frameworks

February 2024

This report expands on the perspectives and research evidence that inform the Strengthening Families and Youth Thrive frameworks by addressing key issues not highlighted in the initial research foundation reports.

(38 pp)

Expanding Perspectives And Research Foundation

FAQ for Behavioral Health Providers: Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in School, Health, and Child Welfare Settings

February 2024

Given the unprecedented legal challenges to meeting the behavioral health needs of LGBTQI+ youth across the country, this document is meant to provide guidance for providers in clinical behavioral health, child welfare, and school settings supporting LGBTQI+2 youth.  Providers should use this document as a reference to federal laws and protections for youth they support and their families, but understand that this brief is not a substitute for legal advice.

(5 pp)

Cover Faq For Behavioral Health Providers Supporting Lgbtq+ Youth In School, Health, And Cw Settings

Culture is Healing: Removing the Barriers from Culturally Responsive Services (Webinar)

January 2024

In this webinar, community providers discuss the challenges they face in providing responsive services, including building evidence and operating in the context of restrictive “evidence-based” standards, as well as recommendations for actions state and federal policymakers can take to ensure all families have the support they need through expanding access and availability of programs that are developed by and for communities of color.

Panelists and Moderator:

  • Alexandra Citrin, Senior Associate, Center for the Study of Social Policy (Moderator)
  • Esi Hutchful, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Paul Smokowski, PhD, Executive Director, North Carolina Youth Violence Prevention Center
  • Dana Kingfisher, ASA/Tobacco Program Coordinator, All Nations Health Center
  • Melvin Mason, LCSW, Executive & Clinical Director (retired), The Village Project, Inc.

Read the report here

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Policy Paper

Culture is Healing: Removing the Barriers Facing Providers of Culturally Responsive Services

January 2024

Ensuring child and family well-being requires a radically different, anti-racist response of supports that center the voices of diverse children and families of color, are dignified and strengths-based, and that are offered in spaces they trust. As this brief highlights, community-based organizations across the country are striving to answer that call despite numerous barriers. This brief lifts up the voices of those community providers, with the goal of highlighting and addressing the barriers that stand in the way of all families having the support they need.

Watch the webinar here

(19 pp)

Culture Of Healing Small Report Cover Page
Policy Paper

Explainer: Why Racial Disparities in IRS Auditing Practices are an Urgent Matter of Family Economic Security

November 2023

This brief discusses the racial disparities in auditing that are an urgent matter of family economic security, and redressing those disparities to ensure that all families can file their taxes without fear of unjust surveillance or retribution.

(3 pp)

Small Cover Policy Explainer Why Racial Disparities In Irs Auditing

Co-Neutrals’ 2022 Annual Report: Kevin S., et al. v. Blalock and Scrase

This is the Co-Neutrals’ third Kevin S. report on the State’s efforts to achieve the commitments of the FSA. Overall, in 2022, the State remained far behind the FSA timelines for most commitments. The FSA was structured with Implementation Targets (ITs) due to be completed in the first years of the reform as the foundation for improved outcomes (Target Outcomes, TOs) for New Mexico’s children, youth, and families. 

Kevin Report Cover

Using Demographic Data to Advance Equity: Insights from the Data 4 Equity and Action Lab

November 2023

This document reflects insights and lessons learned over the 12-month period of the Data for Equity and Action (D4EA)  Lab to help inform funders and organizations that are interested in convening partners and constituents to explore opportunities to leverage demographic data to advance equity.

D4ea Leveraging Demographic As Tool For Advancing Equity (final)

Michelle H., et al. v. McMaster Progress Report (October 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023)

October 2023

This report covers the progress of the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) in meeting the requirements of the Final Settlement Agreement (FSA) entered in Michelle H., et al. v. McMaster and Leach, for the period October 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023.

Read the supplemental report.

(140 pp)


Cover Small Michelle H Progress Report

July 2023 Co-Monitors’ Supplemental Report Regarding the South Carolina Placement Crisis

October 2023

This report was submitted to the Court and the public by the Co-Monitors in response to the escalating DSS placement crisis. It includes a summary and analysis of recent information collected, along with short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations for ways to address the underlying causes of the instability being experienced by children and families engaged with the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Read the full report.

(30 pp)

Cover Small Supplemental Report Re South Carolina's Placement Crisis

Charlie and Nadine H Report on Progress (April 25 – October 25, 2023)

October 2023

This report measures the progress of the New Jersey Department of Children and Families under the Sustainability and Exit Plan and includes performance data for the period of April 25 – October 25, 2023. This release is the final report by the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), the court-appointed Monitor in the federal class action lawsuit Charlie and Nadine H. v. Murphy, and marks the successful conclusion of almost two decades of work to improve New Jersey’s child welfare system. 

(53 pp)

Cover Final Charlie And Nadine H Addendum Report For The Transition Period