Young boy sitting on man's shoulders.


Protecting and advancing immigrant rights and promoting family well-being

What We Work For

We believe that all children, youth, and families—including those who are immigrants—deserve the chance to thrive.

Immigrant families are a large and growing share of American families, contributing to the vitality of our communities and the strength of our economy.

But too often immigration and other domestic policies exclude immigrant families and deny them the opportunity to participate fully in American society. These measures threaten the well-being of immigrant children and families and weaken immigrant communities and our nation.

How We Do It

We advocate for inclusive policies at the local, state, and federal level that support families who are immigrants, and we fight against policies and practices that harm those families.

We work to ensure families are safe, healthy, and thriving in their communities; are able to stay safely together; and are well served by the public systems with which they interact. This includes supporting immigrant families in being able to access these systems without fear of discrimination or deportation.

Through our efforts and partnerships, we protect and advance the rights of immigrant families and children.  We advocate for inclusive policies that recognize the importance of supporting and promoting family health and well-being.  

We work to protect and expand access to benefits for all immigrant families and promote family stability and unity.

To achieve this goal, we actively:

Advocate for inclusive policies at the state and federal level that support families who are immigrants.

Fight against policies and practices that separate and harm immigrant families.

Employ a variety of tactics—including traditional and innovative—promote the well-being and protect the rights of immigrant families.

Produce resources, materials, and research to further assist stakeholders and share important information about policies that promote the well-being of immigrant families.

Work to end negative stereotypes about people who are immigrants and reframe incorrect and harmful narratives.

Partner with a variety of groups who can further share positive messages, important research, and powerful policy initiatives throughout the United States.

Our work will be successful when all immigrant families in the United States are healthy and thriving.

It is our hope that this work will ensure children and families who are immigrants have the same opportunities as others in the United States—and have access to the services and supports they need to thrive.