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Getting to the Heart of Equity: A Human Centered Design Case Study

April 2020

The application of a human-centered design approach by Del Norte and Tribal Lands (DNATL), part of The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative, illustrates one strategy for engaging and partnering with community members to design an initiative that strives for health equity. This report explores how human-centered design was used in the BHC-DNATL work.

(16 pp)


Literature Review: The Evidence Decision-Makers Want

December 2019

This summary paper considers the main themes identified from a literature review of 27 sources related to the evidence needs of policymakers and is intended to investigate the research evidence on what types of information policymakers want and need to make social policy decisions.

(15 pp)


Executive Summary: The Evidence Decision-Makers Want

December 2019

This brief summarizes the wide range of decisions leaders in public sector human services consider and explores evidence primarily from the perspective of decision-makers who work within these public systems.

(4 pp)

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The Evidence Decision-Makers Want

December 2019

This report explores how decision-makers in public sector human services consider and use evidence, identify what evidence they want and need, and offers recommendations for how these leaders can contribute to wider use of different types of evidence to inform the full range of their work.

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(29 pp)


Metrics for Early Childhood Systems: A National Scan

September 2018

This report, co-produced by National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) and CSSP, provides the results of a national scan of measures being used by early childhood systems and initiatives to gauge the well-being of young children and their families.

(52 pp)


Building a Culture of Results: A Guide to Emerging Practices in Promise Neighborhoods Summary

January 2016

This guidebook highlights the "culture of results" adopted by Promise Neighborhoods and how the program ensures that effective solutions are launched, tracked, improved, and sustained. 

(72 pp)


Maintaining and Expanding the Pipeline: Guidance, Strategies, and Reflections on Sustaining a Promise Neighborhood


This brief provides a framework and guiding questions to support Promise Neighborhoods in preparing for sustainability, with the approach that sustainability should be incorporated into overall strategy development.

(32 pp)


Fostering Resident Voice and Influence in Community Change: The Making Connections Experience with Resident Engagement and Leadership


This report shares information on resident engagement from start-up to phase down and addresses strategies for seeding initial conversations, results-based leadership training, and sustaining resident engagement strategies. 

(36 pp)


Service Coordination to Achieve Results in Promise Neighborhoods.

January 2010

This brief provides information on service coordination and capacity building for Promise Neighborhoods based on previous place-based initiatives.


An Evidence Framework to Improve Results

November 2014

This report explores the question of how we use a framework of continuous learning to obtain and apply the kinds of evidence that will be most useful in achieving significantly greater outcomes.

(48 pp)