Children hugging in a circle.


Cradle to Community

Strengthening communities and making them safer

This project is no longer active, but we believe that the outcomes and resources generated through the work are still of value.

What We Worked For

With early childhood experts and community leaders, we worked for an end to community violence.

Witnessing violence at a young age has a dramatically detrimental effect on a young person, compromising their healthy growth for years to come.

Cradle to Community worked to create a cross-sector network of communities to  support and empower them to take action against community violence.

This project was a partnership between the Prevention Institute and CSSP, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

How We Did It

We worked to increase understanding of the impact of community violence on early childhood development in alliance with early childhood development advocates. Through cross-sector collaboration, we fostered community and system-level actions to address community violence and strengthening communities as well as making them safer.

Partners identified new initiatives and existing efforts to promote community safety and optimal child development. In addition, all work focused on addressing structural inequities through an inclusive, resident-driven approach; engaging in dialogue about racism and its impact; and using data to understand inequities and ensure accountability.