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Mixed Income Strategic Alliance

Linking people to place

This project is no longer active, but we believe that the outcomes and resources generated through the work are still of value.

What We Worked For

We worked to create equitable, inclusive, prosperous, and diverse communities for all people.

Years of racial and income segregation, concentrated poverty in place, spatial mismatches, cost and affordability pressures, and civic and community capacity challenges, have led to numerous difficulties for families with low incomes.

How We Did It

The Mixed-Income Strategic Alliance worked to create equitable, inclusive, diverse, mixed-income places. We pursued results with rigor and focus through communities of practice and learning networks, strategic advising and consultation, and research and tool development.

We sought nothing less than transformative change in places and with people who have been marginalized and disenfranchised by policy and investment.

The conditions of “place”—housing, transportation/infrastructure, community-economic development, workforce/asset development, and cross-sector leadership capacity—are inextricably connected to the outcomes of “people.” This concept drove this work.

Our results-oriented approach incorporated resources and tools into the approaches we took to achieve the best possible results. We also focused on the “unfinished business” of mixed-income, place-based development which has an explicit focus on the racial equity and inclusion challenges of these methods. We piloted and demonstrated new approaches to creating more equitable, inclusive communities.

Mixed Income Strategic Alliance

We recognize the critical need for a more coherent, systematic, and field-based-effort to creating thriving and inclusive mixed-income communities. In order to achieve this goal, The National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities at Case Western Reserve University (NIMC), Urban Strategies, Inc., and CSSP are working in partnership, through the Innovation and Action Network of redevelopment initiatives in eight to 10 cities.

To  achieve our goals, we work to:

Advance knowledge and experience in areas that often impede progress, so that the collective experience can advance change (with a major focus on addressing how mixed-income revitalization efforts can address the health challenges of neighborhood residents, broadly defined, and how to amplify positive health outcomes).

Formulate sustainable, comprehensive financing strategies so that strong human capital development are part of the “new normal” of how mixed-income communities are created and sustained.

Craft local, state, and federal policy strategies that support what we learn about sustainable finance strategies and impact practice in related domains that are critical to communities’ success.

Provide technical assistance and disseminate information to assist the broader field to share learning in real time.

Mixed-Income Strategic Alliance Outcomes

This work is at the earliest stages and, as such, does not yet have outcomes to report; we will share outcomes as they become available.

Mixed Income Strategic Alliance Innovation and Action Network

Our Experts

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Salin Geevarghese

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