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Expanding the Perspectives and Research Foundation for the Strengthening Families & Youth Thrive Frameworks

February 2024

This report expands on the perspectives and research evidence that inform the Strengthening Families and Youth Thrive frameworks by addressing key issues not highlighted in the initial research foundation reports.

(38 pp)

Expanding the Perspectives and Research Foundation for the Strengthening Families & Youth Thrive Frameworks Small Cover
Policy Paper

Supporting Youth Aging Out of Foster Care through SNAP

October 2023

The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 (FRA) includes new provisions which should eliminate some of the barriers former foster youth have  experienced in accessing SNAP. This brief explains the new rules and the steps that state agencies can take to ensure that former foster youth are able to access the critical nutrition assistance they are now owed.

This brief updates a version originally published in 2016.

(11 pp)

Supporting Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care Through Snap Small Cover

CARES: Understanding How Transition Age Youth Experience their Communities

July 2023

This report shares findings taken from a Community Analysis and identifies 1) structural challenges that communities face as they work to support transition age youth (TAY); 2) narratives about TAY that contribute to these challenges and policies and practices that create burdens for TAY in meeting their needs; and 3) creative solutions that build the capacity of communities to affirm, include, and support youth transitioning out of foster care. 

(29 pp)

Understanding How Transition Age Youth Experience Their Communities Small Cover

Youth Thrive Video Series (Combined)

January 2022

This resource is a combined version of the three animation videos that includes Youth Thrive Overview, The Five Protective and Promotive Factors, and Youth Thrive Changing Perspectives.


Youth Thrive Training Videos

May 2022

Youth Thrive believes that all young people should be valued, loved, and supported to reach their goals. To achieve this, Youth Thrive works with youth-serving systems and their partners to change policies, programs, and practices so that they build on what we know about adolescent development, value young people’s perspectives, and give youth opportunities to succeed. Check out our new animation series that educates and informs others about Youth Thrive. 

Youth Thrive Animated Video Series Homepage (5)
Policy Paper

Supporting the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Youth in Foster Care After Roe

August 2022

In response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, this brief reviews state and federal policy levers that can support the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of youth in foster care and puts forth recommendations for strengthening coverage and access to comprehensive care and ensuring autonomy and consent for care.

(7 pp)

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Supporting Sexual Reproductive Health Youth Foster Care After Roe
Digital Resource

Youth Thrive Blueprint

March 2022

The Youth Thrive Blueprint is a practice resource for youth-serving agencies and organizations to advance the well-being of young people. Full of actionable ideas and tools to build young people’s strengths, the Blueprint was developed with a focus on young people in foster care and relevant to other settings.

View the resource.

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Using Data from the Youth Thrive Survey to Improve Practice

February 2022

This resource explores how teaming meetings build and strengthen young people’s Protective and Promotive Factors (PPFs) and includes considerations for how to elevate young people’s voice and engagement in teaming meetings.

(3 pp)

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Our Identities, Ourselves: Anti-Racist Guidelines for Collecting Data on Race & Ethnicity

October 2021

In this webinar, learn best practices and tools for centering equity and constituent voice in data collection, analysis, reporting, and use. Topics explored included: the best ways to capture race and ethnicity within data systems; how frontline workers can better ask nonjudgmental questions about young people and families’ identities throughout the life of a case; how system leaders can ensure that data collected is used to advance equity.

Our Identities, Ourselves Oct. 18 webinar: Anti-Racist Guidelines for Collecting Data thumbnail.
Digital Resource

Youth Thrive Blueprint: Coaching Tool

October 2021

The Youth Thrive Coaching Tool is one of many resources for implementing the Youth Thrive Initiative developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. The purpose of this Coaching Tool is to give supervisors key questions, guidance, and ideas about how to help workers assess and support Protective and Promotive Factors with youth.

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