Three diverse young people smiling.

Racial Equity & Justice

Dismantling systemic racism by transforming public systems and policies

What We Work For

Working in partnership with coalitions to dismantle systemic racism.

One of the consequences of our nation’s history of systemic racism is that many public systems cannot and do not serve people of color meaningfully.

How We Do It

We work to achieve a racially, economically, and socially just society by developing and implementing anti-racist policies and practices with community and system partners.

Our racial equity efforts are grounded in working with public systems to push them to confront their decisions, policies, and practices and examine how their influence can directly and indirectly harm—rather than help—people of color.

We do this by embracing innovative solutions and developing public and private partnerships that can effect real change at the systems level.

Ultimately, this work is about ensuring the healthy development of all children and youth in the United States.

Our racial equity work is based on a critical intersection of community and system change.

We are actively working to:

Co-design and test innovative strategies that improve practice and correct for historic and current institutional racism.

Build coalitions, including our Alliance for Racial Equity, and work closely with networks to reveal where policies and practices undermine families—particularly families of color.

Create and disseminate resources that help all stakeholders take an active role in tackling some of the most entrenched institutional practices and policies.

Develop and test new strategies, including inSIGHT (implicit racial bias training curriculum for frontline child welfare staff.

Deliver trainings, facilitate conversations, and provide tailored consultation to jurisdictions and other organizations working to advance racial equity.

We believe that our work can transform public systems and policies and eventually—in partnership with public and private partners and the systems themselves—dismantle systemic racism in the United States and create a racially, economically, and socially just society.

We build strong coalitions and networks of leaders working and aligned on racial equity efforts.