CSSP Joins Expert Child Welfare Organizations to Fight for Protections of Immigrant Children and Families in Detention

The Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), along with Children’s Rights and expert organizations working to improve outcomes for children and youth, filed an amicus brief to challenge the Trump administration’s published Final Rules that would eliminate decades-long basic protections and remove standards of detention for immigrant children and families.

The brief argues how the Final Rules jeopardize the principles of care and safety of children established under the Flores Settlement Agreement (FSA), allowing the administration to indefinitely detain immigrant children, place them in unlicensed facilities with minimal oversight and unregulated monitoring, and remove an adequate system for reports of violations. The brief also importantly argues that “there is no evidence that any time in detention is safe for children.”

Megan Martin, Vice President for Policy at CSSP, said in our recent statement about the rule, “No child who crosses the border seeking protection in this country should be incarcerated. This heinous rule will only worsen horrifying conditions in immigration detention—conditions that no child or family should ever experience.”

CSSP consistently works to ensure that all children and families, regardless of their race, ethnicity, ability or immigrant status, thrive. That’s why we continue to promote and protect the safety of immigrant youth, children, and families currently under attack by the Administration’s racist, exclusionary immigrant agenda.

 Find the full brief here.