Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Future

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Last week, we were joined in Washington, DC by 250 of our closest friends to celebrate 40 years of fighting for social justice. This milestone is one that has allowed us to reflect on our past, celebrate our partners, and honor all that we’ve done to arrive at this point in our history. Please take a moment to watch two videos, released at the 40th anniversary celebration and featuring some of our past and current staff, and several of our esteemed partners. These videos share a brief look into all that we’ve fought for—and where we’re turning our attention for the next 40 years.

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Now, we turn our attention to the next 40 years and all that we’re sure to face  in the coming decades. We are renewing our focus on all the issues that have been core to our work and beliefs for the past four decades:

  •  Poverty and ending the increasing gaps in income and wealth based on race, class, and ethnicity;
  • Dismantling institutional and structural racism;
  • Recognizing the rights of persons of all sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability; and
  • Working to end practices that break up families—particularly those practices that have a disproportionally negative impact on families of color, undocumented and immigrant families, and native American families, among others.Ltg H Cssp40th 10.29.18 146

We’ll never stop fighting for a racially, economically, and socially just society in which all children and families thrive. As part of that work and in celebration of all that lies ahead, we’re pleased to launch a bold new logo and a fresh new website. With these tools, we enter the next chapter of our history with a renewed focus, 

reinvigorated and motivated anew to make real, lasting, and impactful policy changes that will move our nation to become a more equitable, united place.

Join us on this journey as we work together to help all children, youth, and families thrive!

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