Parent Leader Spotlight – Bentoria Murray, Brandon Lavin, and Sherrah Hill

The Parent Leader Network (PLN) provides a space for parents in EC-LINC communities to collaborate with and support each other, represent the parent perspective, and advocate for parent voice and leadership in early childhood systems. 

Bentoria Murray, Brandon Lavin, and Sherrah Hill are all members of the Parent Leader Network and parent leaders of BRIDGES, a program of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County located in Florida. BRIDGES’s mission is to “connect local families to community resources so more children are born healthy, remain free from abuse and neglect, are ready for kindergarten, and have increased access to quality afterschool and summer programs.” Bentoria, Brandon, and Sherrah each shared their success stories with BRIDGES and the impact they are having on their community.

Please read the full post on BRIDGES of Palm Beach County’s website by clicking here.