Gayle Samuels

Gayle SamuelsSenior Associate

At CSSP, Gayle has supported broad scale reform efforts in the District of Columbia, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Humboldt County, CA. She provides technical assistance and reports on efforts to improve systems and practices for children, youth, families, and frontline staff. In partnership with the Corporation for Supportive Housing/CSH, Gayle was a CSSP liaison to a multi-site, federal demonstration on supportive housing for families involved with the child welfare system. She supported CSSP’s work with the Prevention Institute to address the intersection of the development of young children and community violence prevention and efforts to improve the experiences of families crossing the southern US border. Gayle is a member of the team that developed CSSP’s Institutional Analysis and managed the development of CSSP’s inSIGHT: A Workshop on Implicit Racial Bias for Child Protection Workers.

Prior to working at CSSP, Gayle served as a Director and supervisor within New York City’s child protection agency’s quality improvement administration, leading teams conducting qualitative reviews of preventive services and foster care cases, as well as studies to understand and improve systems functioning. Gayle was a Forensic Social Worker with the Juvenile Rights Division (now Juvenile Rights Practice) of the Legal Aid Society in New York, Bronx, and Kings Counties in New York City, assisting in the representation of children and youth in dependency, status offense, and delinquency cases, and with training new attorneys. She also directed a Head Start-based demonstration/applied research project aimed at violence prevention for the University of Maryland, College Park’s Department of Human Development.

Gayle is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Social work, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and attended the College of Notre Dame of Maryland (now the University of Notre Dame of Maryland).