Self-Assessments for Programs 

The program self-assessment is a key implementation tool for Strengthening Families. It helps programs compare their practices with what was learned from the original national study of exemplary practice. It uses concrete, observable items to show how the Strengthening Families protective factors can be supported through “small but significant changes” in program practice. Over time it has been revised using what has been learned from Strengthening Families implementation across the country and in different kinds of programs.

About the Self-Assessments

Download the Self-Assessments

Develop an Action Plan for Program Improvement

  • Strengthening Families Action Plan for Program Improvement (Word or PDF)

Our national partners at Mosaic Network provide an online data system where programs can complete the self-assessments, collect data from the Protective Factors Survey and a staff survey, and complete an action plan. The system is designed to help programs track and analyze their self-assessment results and support state-level administrators in aggregating data across many programs.