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Progress Towards Building an Affirming and Supportive Child Welfare System: getREAL in Allegheny County

April 2019

This report details an Institutional Analysis conducted by CSSP in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) and examines institutional changes that have occurred on the county's journey to better support LGBTQ+ children in care. The IA also captured some of the current experiences of LGBTQ+ children, youth, and families who interact with the child welfare system since the implementation of getREAL.

(12 pp)



One Fairfax: A Brief History of a County-Wide Plan to Advance Equity and Opportunity

December 2018

This report explores how Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, passed a far-reaching policy known as ‘One Fairfax,’ which required that the Board of Supervisors and School Board must “consider equity in decision-making and in the development and delivery of future policies, programs,
and services.”

(16 pp)


A Quick Guide to Understanding the Institutional Analysis


This brief offers a look into the key elements of Institutional Analysis, its process, and addressing systemic issues that contribute to poor outcomes for families of color.
(1 p)


The Institutional Analysis: Uncovering Pathways to Improving Public Systems and Interventions for Children and Families


This report discusses the systemic disproportionality and disparities leading to racial inequities. It identifies organizational structures, policies, administrative requirements, and job descriptions that contribute to poor outcomes for families of color.
(6 pp)


Fresno County Department of Social Services: Confronting Racial Inequities and Disproportionality to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes for Children & Families


This report details Fresno County’s early efforts and the work still underway to address racial inequities and improve outcomes for all children and youth involved in the county's child welfare system.
(11 pp)


Child Welfare Practice: Creating a Successful Climate for Change

September 2012

This report shares findings from an Institutional Analysis assessing Los Angeles and the California Partners for Permanency (CAPP) project.

(46 pp)