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Progress Towards Building an Affirming and Supportive Child Welfare System: getREAL in Allegheny County

April 2019

This report details an Institutional Analysis conducted by CSSP in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA) and examines institutional changes that have occurred on the county's journey to better support LGBTQ+ children in care. The IA also captured some of the current experiences of LGBTQ+children, youth, and families who interact with the child welfare system since the implementation of getREAL.

(12 pp)



Better Outcomes for Older Youth of Color in Foster Care

March 2015

This article focuses on older youth of color in the child welfare system and what the data tell us about how better to structure interventions that build protective factors in youth to promote healthy development and well-being.

(5 pp)


Our Future Together: A Framework for an Equitable Immigration System that Protects and Promotes the Well-Being of Families

March 2019

This report proposes a framework for an equitable immigration system that protects and promotes the well-being of families seeking to enter the United States at the southern border or other ports of entry, as well as of families who are already living here. 

(25 pp)


Equity in Early Childhood Systems: A Community Action Brief

March 2019

This brief emphasizes 10 domains where leaders can have an impact on making sure all families with young children have access to high-quality programs and services. 

(8 pp)


Supporting All Our Values: How Publicly Funded, Faith-Based Child Welfare Providers and Non-Discrimination Laws Can Promote Well-Being

February 2019

This report addresses the importance of promoting child well-being, the role of non-discrimination policies in achieving this, examples of partnerships between states and faith-based agencies, and recommendations for how states can ensure the best interest of children and families are met through these partnerships. Also included is a 50-state matrix of laws, regulations, and policies that protect youth in foster care from discrimination based on SOGIE.

(62 pp)


50 State Survey: Licensing Regulations in Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Systems Serving Runaway and Homeless Youth


The following research presents a survey of 50 states and the District of Columbia on current state child welfare, juvenile justice, and runaway and homeless systems’ licensing regulations as they relate to sex, gender identity, and gender expression.

(5 pp)


One Fairfax: A Brief History of a County-Wide Plan to Advance Equity and Opportunity

December 2018

This report explores how Fairfax County, in Northern Virginia, passed a far-reaching policy known as ‘One Fairfax,’ which required that the Board of Supervisors and School Board must “consider equity in decision-making and in the development and delivery of future policies, programs,
and services.”

(16 pp)

Policy Paper

Seizing the Opportunity: 10 Ways to Advance Equity Through FFPSA

December 2018

This brief outlines 10 opportunities for states to leverage FFPSA to both advance equity and promote better outcomes for children and families. While this list is not exhaustive and there are many other strategies for advancing equity, the 10 opportunities below represent concrete strategies states can pursue to achieve an equitable child welfare system.

(2 pp)


Manifesto for Race Equity & Parent Leadership in Early Childhood Systems

January 2019

A group of 40 parent leaders and agency staff from nine EC-LINC communities, with support from CSSP staff and consultants, came together to create this Manifesto for Race Equity and Parent Leadership in Early Childhood.

The Manifesto is also available in Spanish.

(13 pp)


Entangled Roots: The Role of Race in Policies that Separate Families

November 2018

By examining the roots of policies that separate families and their entanglement with racial prejudice and discrimination, this report makes the case that we must embrace an alternative path.