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The Opportunity is Now: Five Ways to Better Serve Adolescents and Young Adults through the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA)

May 2021

This brief highlights opportunities within the Families First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) for states to build a prevention continuum that includes a focus on healthy adolescent development and that recognizes and helps rectify disparate opportunities and outcomes for Black, Latinx/e, and Native American youth, and youth who identify as LGBTQ+.

(7 pp)


A Crosswalk of Supports for Transition Age Youth

May 2021

Developed jointly with Youth Villages, this document provides an overview of the Youth Thrive and LifeSet approaches for organizations interested in implementing one, the other, or both.


Youth Thrive Alive! Forum: The Struggle is Real: Finding Healing During Difficult Times

March 2021

We are (and have been) dealing with extremely challenging times: from navigating a global pandemic to enduring persistent systemic and institutional racism to withstanding debilitating economic challenges. We recognize the toll that these things can collectively take on our mental and physical health and especially on young people; as some would say “the struggle is real.” This is the subject of this Youth Thrive Alive! Forum: The Struggle is Real: Finding Healing During Difficult Times, where panelists discussed the mental health needs of young people during COVID-19 and ways to center healing and well-being in our practice.


Youth Thrive Alive! Forum: Presenting New Youth Thrive Resources

November 2020

For our second quarterly Youth Thrive Alive! Forum,  we unveiled two new Youth Thrive resources: (1) Youth Thrive Video: Voices from the Network, a video, which features interviews from policymakers, practitioners, and young adult leaders who discuss the role of Youth Thrive in their lives; and (2) Youth Thrive: Our Story (So Far), a written narrative that tells the Youth Thrive story since the beginning. 


Youth Thrive Survey One-Pager

October 2020

This one page infographic outlines important details about the Youth Thrive Survey.



Youth Thrive: Voices from the Network

October 2020

In this seven minute video, we hear from several people who have worked closely with or been influenced by the Youth Thrive framework.


Youth Thrive: Our Story (So Far)

October 2020

This report describes efforts through 2019 by CSSP’s Youth Thrive initiative to increase opportunities so that all youth have the chance to thrive.

(25 pp)


Youth Thrive Survey User Manual

September 2020

This manual explains how to use the Youth Thrive Survey Instrument including how and why to use the survey, target populations for the survey, and data collection and use. 



Youth Thrive Survey Tip Sheet for Professionals

August 2020

This tip sheet serves as a tool for youth-serving professionals in understanding the relevance of  Youth Thrive™ Survey to their work and how it can help them best support young people.


Youth Thrive Alive! Forum: The Impact of Isms on Well-being

July 2020

This webinar, part of the quarterly Youth Thrive Alive! forums, worked to highlight the structural, systemic and institutional inequities that are persistent barriers to youth thriving and achieving their goals. Presenters discussed how various Ism's such as racism, ageism, and sexism impact youth well-being.