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Policy Paper

Seizing the Opportunity: 10 Ways to Advance Equity Through FFPSA

December 2018

This brief outlines 10 opportunities for states to leverage FFPSA to both advance equity and promote better outcomes for children and families. While this list is not exhaustive and there are many other strategies for advancing equity, the 10 opportunities below represent concrete strategies states can pursue to achieve an equitable child welfare system.

(2 pp)

Policy Paper

Prevent, Protect, and Provide: How Child Welfare Can Better Support Low-Income Families

This brief focuses on several critical strategies child welfare systems can use to better address the economic needs of families and reduce the number of children who are at an increased risk of maltreatment and neglect as a result of environmental circumstances.

Policy Paper

Family First Prevention Services Act: Pregnant & Parenting Youth FAQs

October 2018

The Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) was signed into law on February 9, 2018. The FAQs in this brief provide responses to the most commonly asked questions related to this population.


Opportunities to Strengthen Developmental Screening for Children Involved in Child Welfare Systems

April 2018

The recommendations in this brief highlight strategies for improving the delivery of developmental screening and early intervention for children who become known to state and local child welfare systems.

(13 pp)


Government Efficiencies Can Save Taxpayer Dollars, Preserving Funds for Vital Supports for Families and Children

This brief outlines effective solutions that state elected officials can implement to save scarce state funds, easing budget pressures that can erode vital services for vulnerable children and families.
(2 pp)


Dismantling the Pipeline: Addressing the Needs of Young Women and Girls of Color Involved in Intervening Public Systems (Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Young Women and Girls)

October 2015

This policy paper is a chapter on addressing the issue of poor and minority children having more health problems and less access to health care than their peers.
(4 pp)


Supporting Youth Aging Out of Foster Care through SNAP


This policy paper discusses how youth aging out of foster care are disproportionately impacted by food insecurity because they are particularly at risk of experiencing poverty and how SNAP can help.
(8 pp)


State Policies Concerning LGBTQ Youth

September 2014

This brief lists policies pertaining to LGBTQ youth for each state, including D.C. It covers public accommodations, social services, child welfare, foster care, juvenile detention, educational facilities, and social worker guidelines.
(135 pp)

Policy Paper

Promoting Well-Being Through the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard: A Guide for States Implementing the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act


This policy paper provides recommendations for policy implementation of a “reasonable and prudent parent standard” for all youth in care, as well as recommendations for LGBTQ and expectant and parenting youth.
(7 pp)

Policy Paper

Out of the Shadows: Supporting LGBTQ Youth in Child Welfare Through Cross-System Collaboration

May 2016

This policy paper highlights the disparities between LGBTQ foster youth and non-LGBTQ peers, as well as the compounding effects these factors have on intersecting elements like race, ethnicity, culture, and language.