Youth Thrive Alive! Forum: Concrete Supports through Direct Cash Transfer

April 2024

The YouthNPower: Transforming Care Collective, which in 2023 launched the first direct cash transfer (DCT) pilot for youth transitioning from foster care, designed with young people who have lived expertise in the child welfare system. This NYC pilot is part of a larger participatory research and advocacy project to document the impact of unconditional cash support for young adults who have recently left the child welfare system to learn more about the conditions facing young people as they navigate life after foster care, and to advocate for policy and program changes that will enrich their lives and help them thrive. The panel shared:

  • An introduction to the intergenerational YouthNPower collective and its approach combining research, advocacy, and organizing
  • Information about the Direct Cash Transfer pilot design
  • Preliminary findings of the pilot’s Participatory Action Research
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