Foundations of Our Approach to Advance Equity

CSSP believes that everyone has a role to play and a contribution to make in advancing equity.

Our approach is focused on building upon the existing capacity of every individual as a leader, and providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively tap into that capacity and become a more effective agent for change. We work with partners in a range of engagements—from short-term, individual events to long-term or multi-year relationships—helping to identify areas of growth, agreement on results, and developing a plan of action to achieve shared goals. This can include work with individuals, organizations, community initiatives, public systems, and/ or philanthropic organizations.

Our approach is grounded in the skills of Results-Based Accountability and Results-Based Facilitation, which informs how we design and implement the support we deliver. Through a collaborative process, our work is co-designed with partners to guide individuals, organizations, systems, and communities through the process of building their skills and assist in increasing their capacity to dismantle inequities in their organizations and in their work with and/or on behalf of children and families.