David Willis portrait.

David Willis, MD

Senior Fellow

He, Him, His


I help to advance the growing intersection of child health with other community supports for young children and their families by engaging with many of our other partners to launch new work focused on Early Relational Health, helping to further define this growing body of knowledge and its use and application in pediatric care and broader early childhood systems.

I do this work because

I believe in helping to advance the policies, supports, and partnerships that young families need to ensure the well-being of their pregnancies, their infants, and their young children are realized.

I am most proud of

The many opportunities that I have had to work with families, providers, and thought leaders across our nation’s communities, stakeholders, and networks as we have journeyed together to improve child development and early relational health outcomes for all children.

Work History

  • Executive Director, Perigee Fund, Seattle, WA
  • Division Director, Home Visiting and Early Childhood Systems, HRSA
  • Founder and Medical Director, Artz Center for Developmental Health

Education and Awards

  • M.D., Thomas Jefferson University
  • Boarded in Pediatrics and Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, ABP
  • Community Pediatrics Award, Oregon Pediatric Society
  • Career Teaching Award, Department of Pediatrics, OHSU
  • MCHB Director’s Award, 2016

When the day is done

My personal time is spent with my wife, Margy, and either of our two son’s families, who share with us the joy and blessings of our grandchildren: LucyMae and Sam in Vancouver, WA and Clara Sophia, in San Antonio, TX.