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Policy Paper

Supporting All Families: Financing Streams to Support Prevention Programs

May 2019

This fact sheet and infographic depicts the different kinds of programs and resources available to children and families including those that are directed at mitigating risk and preventing the need for foster care.

Download the infographic here.

(2 pp)

Policy Paper

Our Future Together: A Framework for an Equitable Immigration System that Protects and Promotes the Well-Being of Families

March 2019

This report proposes a framework for an equitable immigration system that protects and promotes the well-being of families seeking to enter the United States at the southern border or other ports of entry, as well as of families who are already living here. 

(25 pp)

Policy Paper

Supporting All Our Values: How Publicly Funded, Faith-Based Child Welfare Providers and Non-Discrimination Laws Can Promote Well-Being

February 2019

This report addresses the importance of promoting child well-being, the role of non-discrimination policies in achieving this, examples of partnerships between states and faith-based agencies, and recommendations for how states can ensure the best interest of children and families are met through these partnerships. Also included is a 50-state matrix of laws, regulations, and policies that protect youth in foster care from discrimination based on SOGIE.

(62 pp)

Policy Paper

Seizing the Opportunity: 10 Ways to Advance Equity Through FFPSA

December 2018

This brief outlines 10 opportunities for states to leverage FFPSA to both advance equity and promote better outcomes for children and families. While this list is not exhaustive and there are many other strategies for advancing equity, the 10 opportunities below represent concrete strategies states can pursue to achieve an equitable child welfare system.

(2 pp)


Moving to High Quality Child Care for All: Addressing Inequities through CCDBG State Plans

October 2018

As States begin implementing their required CCDBG triennial plans for 2019-2021, Child Care Administrators and other State policy leaders should use this opportunity to improve the quality of, and expand access to, child care for low-income families of color.


Dismantling the Pipeline: Addressing the Needs of Young Women and Girls of Color Involved in Intervening Public Systems (Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Young Women and Girls)

October 2015

This policy paper is a chapter on addressing the issue of poor and minority children having more health problems and less access to health care than their peers.
(4 pp)


Supporting Young Children: Addressing Poverty, Promoting Opportunity, and Advancing Equity in Policy

This policy paper discusses the number of opportunities available in the early childhood spheres for policymakers to take action, reduce poverty, and mitigate its effects.
(8 pp)


State Policies Concerning LGBTQ Youth

September 2014

This brief lists policies pertaining to LGBTQ youth for each state, including D.C. It covers public accommodations, social services, child welfare, foster care, juvenile detention, educational facilities, and social worker guidelines.
(135 pp)

Policy Paper

The Racial Equity Implications of Proposals to Restrict Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

March 2017

This policy paper provides information on the impact of Medicaid and CHIP on reducing disparities in coverage for children and families of color and the likely impacts of current reform proposals.
(11 pp)

Policy Paper

Increasing Opportunities and Addressing Disparities: Supporting Young Children Through the Budget


This policy paper shows how states are increasing opportunities for children and families of color through investments in family supports, health, and early learning. It also summarizes key budget items.
(36 pp)