Shared Results: Outcomes & Metrics

Measuring the Performance of Local Early Childhood Systems

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Coordinated, community-based early childhood systems connect many types of services, supports and opportunities for young children and their families. When these systems function well, they can enhance the effectiveness of programs and services in the community, while ensuring better experiences for children and families and improving outcomes such as school readiness and optimal child development.

CSSP has worked with local early childhood systems leaders through our EC-LINC network to develop a set of tools to measure various aspects of how well your local early childhood system is working to improve the reach of child and family services, coordination among those services, commitment of the community to early childhood issues, and equity and parent leadership.

View or download the full Early Childhood System Performance Assessment Toolkit and the Parent Engagement and Leadership Assessment Guide and Toolkit. Or, view and download parts of the toolkit and individual tools below:

Click here to read a summary report on the three years of work that culminated in this toolkit. You can also watch a recorded webinar introducing the toolkit and how to use it here.

Prior to focusing on system performance measures, the EC-LINC Outcomes & Metrics workgroup focused on population-level outcomes for young children and their families, identified a set of indicators for each, and explored the feasibility of gathering and tracking data for each of them at the community level. Download the full report on that work here.